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Information in foreign languages

Forside - Informasjon

Why do we sort our houshold waste? And how do we do it? We have made a sorting guide in different languages, that gives a description of how to sort the waste, and where to deliver different types of waste in our municipalities.

Photo: Johnny Syversen for Loop

Sorting guides in different languages  
We have made guides for how to sort waste in eleven different languages.
The guides is in 11 different Languages, and two different Versions, and they describes the refuse collection system.
How to use the outdoor bins at your house, and when and where you have to bring different types of waste.

All waste should be sortert; this benefits both people and the environment. Waste that is sorted is recycled in the best possible way - making new products, for example. In Vestfold, everybody must - by Law - sort their waste. This is given by the refuse collection regulations in each municipality.


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